Introduction to Data Science for Screen Reader Users


To all of you who have read through to the end, thank you very much for your dedication and effort! We understand that it may have been quite fast-paced, especially for those who are not familiar with programming. If there were parts that you didn’t fully understand, We encourage you to go back and review them or search for supplementary information on the internet.

There is a significant difference between “never having done something before” and “having done something at least once.” Since you have already had the experience, when you revisit or dig deeper into programming and data science, you will be able to approach it with much less effort than this time. We strongly encourage you to find opportunities to continue learning programming and data science. It will undoubtedly be beneficial in the future AI-driven society, allowing you to apply these skills in work, academia, and various other contexts!


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of Accessible Tools Laboratory, a community of visually impaired individuals learning programming, for their valuable advice and collaboration in creating this content. We would also like to thank INNO-vation program of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for their various forms of support.

Thank You

Before creating this content, I launched a project called Data Science Environment Improvement for Visually Impaired or Low Vision Individuals with the purpose of organizing information and developing tools to learn data science and machine learning techniques without relying on visual cues. As I felt that there was a lack of content for beginners, I started creating this content as a supplement.

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If you have any technical questions or issues, there is a mailing list called Program-l where programmers with visual impairments gather to learn from and ask questions to others facing similar problems. It’s a great place to seek assistance and knowledge-sharing.

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