Introduction to Data Science for Screen Reader Users


These contents are supplementary materials for screen reader users in beginning programming and data science. The first priority is to enable students to practice the contents at once, and we have tried to make the volume of the contents as simple as possible, so there may be many parts that are not fully explained. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would contact author if you have any requests.

The target audience is assumed to be people who are just beginning to use computers with screen readers. I also assume no special equipment or software, and assume that anyone with an ordinary computer and an Internet environment can try out the program free of charge and easily. It would be a great pleasure if the project could help many visually impaired people to be interested in programming, AI, and data science.

If you are reading this content in a screen reader, you may notice that the word “anchor” is read out for each heading. This is the URL of the link to each heading, so you usually don’t need to worry about it. If you want to share the headings in the content with others, please copy it.

Note: These contents are a translation of a content originally written for Japanese students. Therefore, some parts may be difficult for readers to understand. I’d like to apologise in advance.

Table of Contents

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